Well, let me tell you a little about me. I really love making products that make life a bit easier and more enjoyable for people, you know? Being human is complex enough, right?

My journey began in UX/UI Design, but I kinda found my true calling joining together Product Design with Data Science. For this reason, I currently be a Bachellor's Degree Student of Data Science in CAECE University.

Since 2022, I have been professionally engaged in digital product design, gaining valuable experience in the creation of mobile applications, SaaS platforms, and B2B system software. This background has given me a thorough immersion in the fundamentals of digital design.

A Glimpse into My Journey

I hail from Paraguay and currently reside in Argentina. My adventure began at 17 when I embarked on a life-altering cultural exchange program in Germany. This experience was more than just a change of scenery from my small hometown of 30,000 people; it was a gateway to a world of diverse cultures, languages, and cities. Embracing these new experiences solo wasn't just a journey across continents; it was a journey within, fostering significant personal growth.

Living amidst such diversity, I learned to view challenges as catalysts for growth, both for myself and the communities I engage with. This mindset has been a guiding force in my professional life, where I constantly seek to turn obstacles into opportunities for innovation and positive change. I'm excited to bring this perspective to your team, contributing not just my skills, but also a global and growth-oriented mindset.


I'm a firm believer in the power of moodboards as tools for self-discovery and understanding others. With that in mind, I'm excited to share my personal moodboard, which has been instrumental in shaping my portfolio and defining my aspirations for 2024. This moodboard is more than just a collection of images and ideas; it's a reflection of my professional journey, creative inspirations, and the goals that propel me forward. I hope it offers you a glimpse into who I am, not just as a professional but as an individual continuously striving for growth and innovation.

If my journey resonates with you or if you're curious about how we might collaborate, I'd love to hear from you

Please feel free to reach out with any thoughts, questions, or opportunities. Let's start a conversation and explore the possibilities together!

Abrazo Jo